Picture Framing


Conservation Framing

Gregory and Toby Guest’s many years of framing experience enables them to advise on the framing or reframing of all types and periods of paintings, from early, 19th 20th Century to contemporary works.

We have a large selection of ready made mouldings from ornate gold period sections to bring to life your cherished watercolour or oil, to sharp silver modern sections to finish off your modern street art print.

We also have a large range of timber frames that we finish and colour ourselves on site to match all styles of artworks. If you are after a specialist finish please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to bring your idea to life.

Our framing is to museum quality using only the best materials to preserve and conserve your valuable and treasured artwork.

Guest Fine Art also specialise in the treatment and presentation of Aboriginal paintings, prints and artifacts.

Canvas Stretching

If you have a canvas artwork that you wish to display and preserve it is not only important that you get it stretched but vital that you get it stretched properly. Incorrect, cheap, and badly made stretchers do irreparable damage to canvas artworks.

Guest Fine Art offer both fixed corner strainers, and expanding custom made Museum Grade Stretchers.

Why is it important to have your canvas stretched properly?

If a canvas is slack on a stretcher the paint flexes and moves, this can cause cracking in the paint, to avoid this, we recommend canvas artworks be stretched onto expanding stretchers, as the canvas expands over it’s life the artwork can be retensioned and the slack can be removed.

Another common problem from incorrect stretching is if the artwork is resting against the edge of the stretcher, this can come from once again a slack canvas, or from an incorrectly shaped stretcher, a crack can form along the stretcher bar where the canvas rests on it, this damage is irreparable so it is vital that canvases are stretcher correctly.

If you would like a quote on stretching, or to discuss the different options please call, email, or pop in to our gallery in Osborne Park.

showing canvas stretching corner of wooden frame with hammer and nails

Hand Made Framing

Toby and Gregory Guest specialise in Hand-Made Picture Frames. Using the same traditional techniques and materials used for hundreds of years the Guests reproduce hand made styles from every artistic period, from ornate gold frames, to simple water gilded modern sections.

Why hand craft a picture frame?

If you want something special for your art piece Gregory and Toby can show you our corner samples of hand made frames, each hand made frame is custom made for your art piece, the ornamentation and finish will be chosen to match the period and style of your artwork and the frame will be custom made to order. If you do not have the original hand-made period frame for your artwork, the next best thing is a true reproduction of the original frame.

Our hand made frames can be finished with hand gilding, with everything from silver leaf to twenty four karat gold leaf.

Feel free to come into our gallery in Osborne Park and we can show you why these hand made frames are so special.

showing hand made frames. gold corner frames on a wall